This section is going to take a while. So many projects so little time. Many of the projects you'll start seeing are for my ametuer / ham station. My call sign is KI6JRK.

PIC Programmer and Power Supply
This is my PIC programmer and power supply. The power supply is rated for 5V at 1A and 12V at 1A. Just perfect for PIC programming and prototyping.

10 Watt LED Grow Light For Plants.
This is our second grow light. I'll be testing this light on a four plant hydroponic garden I've built.

LED Grow Light For Plants
We don't have a lot of space to garden outside. To add to that our house doesn't get much sun. This is my first LED grow light for starting seedlings.

An Inductance and Capacitance L/C Meter Based on a PIC 16F628
Everyone needs an L/C meter. This project is yet another example of how you can construct your own very accurate L/C meter.

80 Meter Direct Conversion Receiver
I'm currently working on getting my ham license. Well homebrew is my game. I wanted to listen in while preparing for the test. This receiver is based on the NE602.

Stepper Motors
I purchased some 8 lead motors. Finding info on them wasn't easy.

LED Fountain Light
I built a fountain for the backyard. This is the lighting for it. I cover how to build simple water tight led assemblies.

PIC Based Fountain Light Controller
I wanted a simple controller to color cycle RGB LEDs. My fountain has an upper and lower pool of water. I wanted lights in each one. I'm using a PIC microcontroller to randomly cycle through colors.

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