Its the hardware mods and hacking section. Some stuff I modify. Other items are some notes on usefull information.

Motorola V860 The Barrage and Mac OS X
The idiots at Verizon are at it again. Not much hacking but info on what you need to do to do the things you want.

Hacking an RCA DVR40 Directv Tivo
I finally made the move to Tivo. I got a deal on a couple of them. I couldn't pass it up. I'll cover the basics of upgrading your hard drive to unlocking other features.

The Aviosys 9100 or 9100A IP Camera Notes
This is a neat inexpensive 4 port video server. I have some info explaining how to do more then just viewing the video through the web interface.

Modding A Christmas Light Controller
Looking for a way to animate christmas lights. You can buy chasing light sets at a reasonable price. Just cut the lights off the controller and add some plugs.

This section covers my MythTV hardware. Due to other priorities this project is on hold. The info here is getting old.

DIY Power Over Ethernet POE
Sometimes you need POE. I had stuff lying around so I built my own power over ethernet.

Motorola E815
Friends and I own E815s. We wanted access to features that our carier thinks we shouldn't have.

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