This section covers the setup of advanced linux servers using Fedora Core 4. What do I mean by advanced. Well I'm talking about servers setup for virtual hosting with a database backend. I am talking about servers that are scalable.

We will start with the base server install. Once that server is running then we can customize it for its application.

Base Server Setup - Fedora Core 4
This is the base server setup. Start here before you setup the other servers.

Virtual Web Hosting - Fedora Core 4
This HOWTO covers setting up a name based virtual web hosting server.

Virtual Mail Hosting - Fedora Core 4
This is an advanced server covering virtual mail hosting. It features spam and virus filtering. Cyrus imap is used for imap and pop3 access to mail.

Cyrus IMAP Recovery
A few notes on recovering a cyrus imap database and mail.

Cyrus IMAP Migration
Some notes on migrating your imap mail to a new server.

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