This section covers the setup of advanced linux servers using Fedora 8. What do I mean by advanced. Well I'm talking about servers setup for virtual hosting with a database backend. I am talking about servers that are scalable.

We will start with the base server install. Once that server is running then we can customize it for its application.

Below is a list of the howtos.

HOWTO Fedora 8 Internet Server
If you only have one server this is the HOWTO for you. This is the jack of all trades server. With one machine you'll have virtual web and mail services.

HOWTO Fedora 8 Base Server
This Howto covers setting up the base server used in the other howtos. Use this howto when your server is running on the bare metal, Parallels, or VMware.

HOWTO Fedora 8 Virtual Web Hosting
This is the virtual web hosting howto. The setup covered here uses name based hosting. Only one IP address for all the websites on the server. I'm running 15 domains using this setup. The main players are Apache, ProFTPD, and Mysql.

HOWTO Fedora 8 Virtual Mail Hosting
Virtual mail hosting using Postfix, Dovecot and mysql. This is the most advanced howto here. This howto make use of Postfix, MySQL and Dovecot.

HOWTO Fedora 8 Mail Filtering Server
This howto covers setting up a server that filters incoming mail. Help your main mail server by having all incoming mail get check for spam and viruses by this server.

HOWTO Fedora 8 Network Management Server
With all these other servers we need to monitor things. This howto covers setting up Cacti on Fedora 8.

HOWTO Fedora 8 Security Camera Server Using Zoneminder
With all these other servers we need to monitor them with security cameras. This howto covers setting up Zoneminder on Fedora 8.

HOWTO Installing CMS Made Simple on Fedora 8
If you've setup all the servers above then you don't have time to design websites. You're in need of a Content Management System. This howto covers setting up CMS Made Simple on Fedora 8.

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