This section covers the setup of advanced linux servers using Fedora Core 5. What do I mean by advanced. Well I'm talking about servers setup for virtual hosting with a database backend. I am talking about servers that are scalable.

In FC5 we are going to carry this one step further. Our advanced servers can now be virtual servers. The power of Xen will be used to run multiple virtual servers on one real server.

If Xen ain't your cup of tea then try OpenVZ for your virtual needs.

We will start with the base server install. Once that server is running then we can customize it for its application.

Below is a list of the howtos.

HOWTO Base Server
This Howto covers setting up the base server used in the other howtos. Use this howto when your server is running on the bare metal.

HOWTO Xen Host Server?
This is the server for hosting Xen guests.

HOWTO Xen Guest Base Server
This is another base server howto. It covers how to set up a base server as a Xen guest.

HOWTO OpenVZ Server
OpenVZ provides another way to host virtual machines. This is the setup for an OpenVZ hardware node. The VPSes you'll create will run on this server.

HOWTO OpenVZ VPS Base Server
This HOWTO covers setting up our base server as an OpenVZ VPS (Virtual Private Server).

HOWTO Dedicated DNS Server
Not much of a howto. But it does cover setting up a dedicated DNS server.

HOWTO Virtual Web Hosting
This is the virtual web hosting howto. The setup covered here uses name based hosting. Only one IP address for all the websites on the server.

HOWTO Virtual Mail Hosting
Virtual mail hosting with optional spam filtering is covered. This is the most advanced howto here.

HOWTO Mail Filtering Server
This howto covers setting up a server that filters incoming mail. Help your main mail server by having all incoming mail get check for spam and viruses by this server.

HOWTO Network Management Server
With all these other servers we need to monitor things. This howto covers setting up Cacti on Fedora Core 5.

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