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The TeraStation is a nice device. My goal was to use it for backing up OS X machines. If I would have researched the product better I would not be writing about it now. Since the TeraStation uses Linux there is a solution to the problems.

The Problems - File Size Limits

The heading of this section says it all. I need to write disk images up to 100GB in size. So my road blocks are:

  • smb has a 2GB file size limit on the device
  • afp has a 4GB file size limit on the device

The Solution - NFS

Well nfs just works with Mac OS X. With a little searching on Google I found the following web site.

This site will provide you with the information to get NFS working on the TeraStation. You will need to accomplish the following tasks on the site.

  • Install the modified firmware which gives you root access.
  • Install dropbear for ssh access
  • Install nfs so Macs can happily talk to the NAS

Configuring NFS To Work With Mac OS X

There are some configuration options that need to be done. Below is an example /etc/exports file.

# sample exports file
# the insecure option is the key to making Macs happy

Reboot the TeraStation and enjoy copying large amounts of data.

TeraStation, NFS, 4GB File Size Limit - Oh No

Gasp! I was happily copying my 7GB image only to throw an error at 4GB. I have never had this problem before with NFS and Macs. Geeze! Some research revealed that NFS V2 had the limitation. Oh no, my Mac connected to the NFS server on the TeraStation using protocol version 2. Yikes! I checked the Mac and the TeraStation and they both support NFS V3. But they weren't using it.

Well after losing some hair I found the problem in the startup script. We need to comment out a couple of lines because it couldn't find out what I already know. V3 is supported. See below for the section of the script that needs to be changed.

edit: /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server

                printf "Starting $DESC:"
                printf " nfsd"
                start-stop-daemon --start --quiet \
                    --exec $PREFIX/sbin/rpc.nfsd -- $RPCNFSDCOUNT
                printf " mountd"
# commented out to enable nfs v3
#               $PREFIX/bin/rpcinfo -u localhost nfs 3 >/dev/null 2>&1 ||
#                   RPCMOUNTDOPTS="$RPCMOUNTDOPTS --no-nfs-version 3"
                start-stop-daemon --start --quiet \
                    --exec $PREFIX/sbin/rpc.mountd -- $RPCMOUNTDOPTS


Well it was worth it. I can now move 100GB files the TeraStation.



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generic doctor?03 December 2016, 09:05

Simply looked at a few of your photos (: i'm truly happy i got to job darkness you. You're great!

xzeozqdd?11 October 2012, 09:24

GXJks1 <a href="">juiltjsyapdg</a>

yowbawbot?10 October 2012, 03:55

7PXzMS <a href="">dsdusbeniloj</a>

Ajay?09 October 2012, 03:51

hey Kitamura-san,Didn't know you had a tech blog of your own. I just do # service sttaus-all, but I like your way better. Btw, I don't see Centos in your word cloud there we're gonna have to change that, if we keep corresponding. =) hope all is well,Alex

sb6r?12 August 2012, 10:22

Any updates on the URL since is no longer active?

JMar?31 May 2011, 10:36

I just got 2 1.5 TB terastations. The only problem i'm having is reading some files but i'm assuming that because its a NTFS file type. Both iMacs are able to see both stations and I was able to write 75Gigs of movies from my WD FW800 to my terastation. I didnt have to write any special code but now I just have to try and see if can get my mac to see files on the nas.

rcamp?31 March 2008, 06:47

I'm using kernel space. At the time I installed it kernel space was the choice. When it comes right down to it, use whichever method works for you.

raddude?28 March 2008, 08:35

There's a lot of controversy on the website around user-space NFS vs kernel NFS, and both options are available. Which did you install? Can you give a more specific pointer?

rcamp?04 November 2007, 18:20

I bought the original Terastation. The new version may not have the limitations mine did.

doode?04 November 2007, 10:45

I am connecting to my Terastation Live using Apple Filing Protocol (afp://terastation) and can easily copy 1080i DV content (50+GB) files to the Terastation without problems. No 2GB limit.

scopitony?22 September 2007, 13:14

Hey, I just bought the 2 TB pro too. and didn't even realize i would have to hack it. Wow!@!

Mike Connally?11 August 2007, 08:24

I don't understand the 2GB issue with SMB/CIFS. I have no problem writing huge files (50-70GB) to my TeraStation Pro on Mac OS 10.4. I think it may be because it is being mounted as CIFS (even if I say to mount it as SMB), and CIFS doesn't have the 2GB limit (I think).

rcamp?03 August 2007, 07:43

I didn't think about it at the time. The goal at the time was to get the device going. Since the software is static and the features known the check isn't needed. So that's what I removed. If I had more time I would have looked more into it.

cloud?03 August 2007, 02:42

Why not add "localhost" to /etc/hosts so that the rpcinfo can check correctly?

music guy?08 June 2007, 15:33

Hi Can you please explain this all in in a little more detail?

I just bought the 2TB version of the Buffalo terastation, knowing that I would need to hack it to work well with my macs... but now I realize I'm in over my head.

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